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Friday, May 12

Well the rain came...
But it didn't start till the wee hours.
This circumstance conspired to place Geo in front of me with his skateboard, after school, jonesing for a trip to the park before ... well, the rain.
Z was still at work, so I packed up the car with the gear and we headed out.
Geo got his big ramp fix... and I spent the time with Edward, helping him stand properly on his board and moving him around on the pavement beside the skate "bowl".

~ every hour I get to spend with my children playing outside... is worth a day playing indoors.
(k, and that's a rock solid bit of "parental advice")

Tomorrow is all about Granite. We go look at the "slabs" at 11:00 and then off to the house to see what progress this week has made. :)
(I get so flippen excited on fridays... looking forward to seeing what's what with the house. :D)

~ black stripee ftls
~ very old blue jeans [ :: and, easily the most comfortable... :: ]
~ and an old navy shirt...
~ NOTE: this ... "other friday picture" is number 150... so, that's one hundred and fifty weeks... Creature of habit much?
~ go and rend "nanny mcphee" ... for family "Dinner and a movie" night.
~ get another report (last one!!!!) done and sent to boss like people...
~ write up something short about Survivor... gah!! Survivor and AR both ending! It's like the summer hiatus of tv is ... the land of catching-up-on-movies. :)
~ pack my shit up for kicken in at the client location as of Monday morning. :) :D :D
~ to say "no worms" to paleltlspider... I like you just fine sugar. :)
~ that things are not as bad as they seem for little Josh and either way... for thisismostlyme to have the strength of the gods... just 'cuz. :)
~ and to send wee smiles out to harleydog and ... yumikid... just 'cuz...

Birthday moment...
A very happy birthday to a good friend and a lovely young woman... co-worker, friend, and all around smarty pants girl... just1girl!
I hope the year ahead brings you to some wonderful canvases... and lets you explore them.

Personally... I think they should pardon Toby, CJ should frigg'en quit and take up skiing, Donna should marry Josh, have his babies and get him to quit work and be a stay at home dad. Just say'en... oh, and they should get Ainsley back to take over...

the trick is too keep breathing

K, time to get busy. :)
See ya.
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