Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, May 10

Sadly... no eyes in the back of my head.
Not allowed to be a mom without those.
~ settles for fatherhood.

It's another glory drenched day ... of course, on a weekday... because, you know,
Mommy Nature is all about water sports on the weekends.
Wretched beast.

You know, last night was tuesday night... At bedtime, suz casually asks if the garbage is out...
And I'm like... "huh? It's tuesday... it goes out on Wednesday nights."
Then she gave me that look... like the one you keep on tap for dealing with old people...
"It's been eight years..."
I hustled the garbage out.
~ and no, I didn't put on a cream coloured, collared shirt and powder blue, tight poly pants, with a built in belt,
and dance around on my laneway.

~ black ftls
~ very old jeans
~ cape cod shirt...
~ total brain sucking day of finishing a report...
~ making a dead drop of classified government data to Abu, my middle eastern spy contact guy...
~ laughing about the notion that my boss reads my blog... (he asked me how my hip was... lol)
~ and no, I don't know anybody named Abu that wasn't in a disney movie.
~ crazy punk ass tv insanity tonight (I still haven't caught up to last week yet)... Alias, Amazing Race, Lost, Invasion... I need a bigger hd on my pvr!
~ fencing tonight!!
~ for some better news to show up for debby...
~ that toothy-ouch settles for mspish... at least for a couple of weeks.
~ that teasdale... continues to have a steady hand... :) (go you!)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday chappell! May the year ahead bring you small surprises, that feed the restless you that waits quietly... :)
And a very happy birthday to mommy cynica... May the next year bring you all the lovely memories with little L-girl you hope for... and many wonderful surprises!

Geo lunches...
If I take each piece of salami, and roll it up like little party snacks that would go on a ritz, the tupperware comes home from his lunch empty.
If I put the salami rounds in there... they come home.
true story.
crazy excitement huh...

Time to be wary wary busy...

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