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Tuesday, May 9

Every kind of nice out. Sunshine... cool morning air quickly burning off with spring heat.
Blue sky, stretches of hazy clouds, and shadows...
and dandelions... lots and lots of dandelions.

I guess I really nailed my hip bone yesterday. Sore as hell today.
Ice it and ... just ignore it, seems to be the way to go.

I'm seriously considering getting a new deck... and not destroying my g&s. I dunno. It's smooooth... the ride is phenomenal ... not a lot can compare, but ... it's gonna get chipped apart playing Park Ranger with the kids. And... the "big smooth" is because it was (is) a road warrior... not a park configuration. So ... maybe I need to cave in a bit.

Meanwhile... Today is the 9th of May... June 9, July 9 and then ... AUGUST 9. I will (we will) be in our new house. The 9th is "Truck Day".
So that means I only have three months to get packed. ug.

~ green ftls
~ p-z blue t
~ khaki cargos...
~ ice right hip bone ... a lot.
~ go to skate shop at lunch at talk about a new board... (worrying a) I'm gonna kill 'self on old board, and b) I'm gonna destroy it...)
~ finish 3rd to last project assigned for the "between contract" zone... four days... three projects? yea... right. sigh
~ clearly going to go to the park with Geo tonight... it's too nice out to not go. :)
~ that a friend here in lj ... who's struggling to hold it together while his world shifts from one reality to another... keeps his eyes on the long view. You'll find your center.
~ that another friend here... who has found herself way down a path of dramatic change... remembers that the long view is what's worth focusing on.
~ to smile over at kaylee... I hear ya on the "wow look at all I can get done when I get up at 4:00" zone. Of course, doing that often... is just too much for me. :)
~ for dishpan_nipples to find herself looking down on the good stuff instead of up from a place where the hard stuff hangs out...
~ and to send a quiet little wish that all is well in the life and times of a remarkable woman... kitykity... who is very quiet...

Pain is a hear and now thing.
Fear is a future thing.
Sadness is a past thing.
When you are in the moment of life's hard parts...
Pain is everything... but it is nothing... and you know it.
Fear is the mind killer and sadness is a necessary waste.
You can't stop pain, or change the past but the future is all yours baby.
Take the long view.
Make a plan.
Talk about it.
And then do your best.

"I will love you until the mountains crumble to the sea..." was a part of a morning conversation with darling Z.
Flash back... wedding day.
Our friends all chuckled when they realized that Zeppelin was our "first song" thing...
It was Thank You... and it was lovely.
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