Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

another night... and several more bruises.
(waves to dailymom :)

I need new shoes, and I want elbow pads... (getting both at lunch tomorrow)

Tonights folly was trying to "step off" a 1/4 pipe but I just didn't have enough faith. .
So basically ... I'm standing about 7 feet in the air, over a sheer drop with a wee "curve" at the bottom, and when I stepped down on my suspended board, I pretty much just dove at the ground... I was all impressed with not actually killing myself by tucking in and rolling out the energy (is that "kinetic" energy?)
Most stuff takes a few shots to figure out... and sadly, that translates into a few bruises.
So frozen diced mixed vegitebles on my foot and an ice pack on right hip bone...

The regulars are getting used to me...
It's kind of a Dian Fossey "skaters in the mist" thing...
I know most of their names... and where they fit into the layers of hierachy that exists around them.
There's loads of groaning when I take a dive... but they know what I'm working on and I get a little cheer when I nail something new.

Dispite the complex web of the kids sub culture rankings...
You always see better skaters giving out patient advice out to ... those who will be "better skaters" ... later.

Geo is totally digging his new board and he's working on staying on for the return roll after a ramp... kind of goofy-foot practice.
He is doing so well it makes me just beam...
And a lot of that "well" part is his developing confidence to put himself out there into the mix of bigger kids to claim his spot ... to take his turn.

Note: and man o man is it a flipping work out to skate in a skate park for an hour and a half.

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