Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

my eclectic sunday activity list...

~ clean up kitchen
~ fold laundry
~ go to skatepark with geo,
~ pull a groin muscle doing an impromptu "splits"
~ land a decent ramp while someone is watching... :)
~ remove, sand down, and re-paint the wiper "arms" on Suz's maxima
~ make scratch pizza dough... (it's rising in a bowl as I type)
~ and cross my fingers that the 'za works out... I'm thinking deep dish in the iron skillet. :)

Advice: Always keep a bag of a frozen vegetable you'll never eat in the freezer. I go for frozen mixed... would have to be starving unto my death before I'd eat those. And use them for an "Ice Pack" when things get hurt, strained or sprained.

Yes... I have a bag of frozen vegetables between my legs...

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