Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

more skateboard stuff...

so... big rain this afternoon.
But it stopped... the sun was setting and drying this off...
So geo was all about asking to go to the skate park.

I have a lovely wound on my arm... long sleeves made it lovely... versus horrid.
I'm feeling a bit like Ed Norton in fight club coming to work all beat up. :)

I'm getting better. :)
We sit and watch the guys that have been going at this for years and marvel at the cool ass shit they do...
but mostly I have a short list of things I want to learn to do...
and I work towards those with loads of repetition and working up courage... and perhaps a little "practice" falling going on too.
The real trick is to keep from getting beaned in the ankle of knee by your own skateboard.

Geo is doing great... so far this translates into going down increasingly steep or scary ramps.
I'm urging him to just do and do and do the things he can do, until they seem ... easy, before tackling the "next thing".

The park we're going to (you've seen the pictures)... is 7000 sq. ft.
I just read that there is another outdoor park... 17,000 sq. ft. in Ottawa, near Algonquin college.
I'm taking Geo there on the weekend... day time.

The 7-8:00 pm zone is tricky...
The younger kids... are replaced by the 14-17 year olds...
They rock... but they swear a very great deal... and I know for sure...
a couple of them were waiting for us to be done before sparking up.
I figure... they're being pretty dam cool with Geo and I, so I'm gonna try
and not cramp their style and get out of there by 7:59. :)

That being said...
I gotta say, this is the most fun I've had since we got back into skiing.
I'm sore all over, but mostly that's from taxing my body, versus crashing it.
And I'm feeling large about the vibe I get from the kids at the park...
One came right out with how cool he thought it was that I was skating with my kid.
"when I started this... my parents had no concept..."

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