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Wednesday, May 3.

So... lil'ol Six-a-part got whacked last night ... and that means LJ dies.
I am reminded how small my world really is when the door to your worlds slams shut.
Of course, that's sour grapes, because my "to do" list of little and big projects is ... crazy big. :)
... and no matter what happens in the world, I have a family...
and nothing can compete with that.

It's a gray day. Rain was here... but left for a while... maybe resting up for a big show later.

~ black ftls
~ middle jeans... that is, not my old ones, and not my new ones... the middle ones...
~ long sleeve comfy shirt that pretends to be a t-shirt over a long sleeve white thing...
~ work work work... and love doing it... because I'm at home, not in a tie, have my own coffee maker, and ... you know... it's home.
~ missing people... (a result of working from home for the last several weeks...)
~ going to the bank to work out bridge financing so we can get our new place a couple of days before we close on our existing place...
~ boys have fencing tonight and suz is giving blood today... so she's not running after work... hence, she gets to come with/ to fencing. :D :D The boys are excited.
~ Amazing Race tonight... and... LOST and Invasion are both new... and a new Alias? that's 4 hours of tv.... It will take me two weeks to get caught up with that... :(
~ (sings) I'd like to buy the world a coke and keep it company....
~ for krizsa to ... sort out that schedule!
~ that modernarchetype finds a bottle of chill-pills and gulps 'em down!!
~ if I haver... eh I know I'm gonna be the man who's havering to you!
~ I could just smoke cigs again... but... I know I know...
~ and to say that if I had a puppy named lynspin, I would pat it on the head and it give it treats all the time...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to the earthgoddess... may the blessings of good health, a happy heart and good friends fall to you each and every day of the year ahead.
and a happy birthday to arkos... may you find the courage. :)
A Happy Birthday to a girl with the 10 million watt smile ... and sore feet... jjnslat. May you find that the year brings you strong knees and excellent shoes! :)
And a very happy birthday to a distant friend... a brother and a really nice guy... Have a great day ayoub. May the year ahead bring you access... keep you safe... protect your sanity and reward you with the love of grand friends.

You have no idea how freaking trippy it is to get your head around what's going on with the [ :: Conet Project :: ].
Makes the trippy bits of LOST seem tame.

I think I'll try and get some good pics and write a story on the skater kids at the park I'm taking Geo to, for the community news paper.
Does anyone (misha?) know if I have to get kids to sign a "release" to use their pictures in a story like that?

K... outti. :)
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