Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

So I was busy tonight...
While the kids were playing every last second out of the
moments before bedtime...
I was playing with my very old skateboard.

It was 1976, at a skate shop in Ft Worth, Texas...
When I laid out 90 US$ of my hard earned cash (I was 14)
for 29 inches of a blue Gordon Smith "fiberflex" board.

In the 30 (say that out loud to give it... feeling) years since
I purchased that skateboard, I've had to do nothing.
Not one thing.

The bearings have remained sealed,
the powerflex wheels remain ... in perfect condition.
The bushings on the tracker trucks... will need replacing if
I keep going to the park with it.
But otherwise...
I mean... it hasn't been on a shelf all this time.
I use it all summer... ever summer. Never like a mad skater...
but ... no lonely shelf. !! ;)

But the "grip tape" along the board was just ... totally dead.
I had no concept of that until I felt the grip tape on a newer board.
So I performed the first board surgery it's ever been subjected to.

peeling off the old... and putting on brand spanking new tape. :)

And then put the trucks and wheels back...

and presto...

and yeah... sometimes I look at the new boards kids are on
and peek at the little tiny wheels ... wider trucks...
and imagine that my board must look like a freaking Model T ford.
but then I ride one of their boards... and dude... they suck.
It's amazing.

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