Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, May 2

Cool air... and a haze that keeps the sky from being as blue as it clearly wants to be...
The sun will shine... and this will be a beautiful day.

I live in Ottawa... a clean city, marginally populated by "national capital" standards and fat with art, theater, music and recreation.
I live in Canada... a clean country that, despite successive idiots in charge, is still known through out the world as a helpful, tolerant, and welcoming country.
I am fortunate.

~ blue ftls
~ kind of khaki cargo pant
~ gray t and a layer of "blue & warm", It's going to be lovely today, but it starts a bit nipppy.
~ up, kids and z fed and off...
~ work work to get caught up on reading stuff...
~ walk another mover-dude through the house so he can scribble on a clip board and then tell me the same things as all the other mover guys (sigh)
~ no dinner plan yet... and no evening plan. but there's another mover guy slotted in around 4:00
~ to send huge smiling congratulations out to indigobluejelly... Mz Carrie is now Mrs. Carrie and may every passing year be a chapter in a long... and lovely book. :)
~ for the house of kaylee to... not all get sick!!
~ that the red parts... hurt less on sugar-megs... er.. ladymeg1
~ and to send out a bit of a hug to my friend muguet_de_mai... just 'cuz...

If you haven't watched or read the Stephen Colber key note address at the DC Press Association Dinner... you should.
Such sarcasm and irony is only found on rare occasions and even less frequently in the face of the power elite.

Very interesting diversity of opinion in the "so tell me about the Mexican Immigration issue" post.
There seems to be two "kinds" of extreme perspectives...
One framed by the concept of entitlement that tries to make the Fortress America case, xenophically building a world view that places americans in the center and justifies this with the notion that the individual somehow earned this right and continues to be due it's rewards.
The other ignores the bad, sees only the good, and is angry that everyone else isn't seeing the world through their rose tinted glasses.
The moderate admits that there is no right answer here... let alone an answer easily transmogrified into an action plan.

Some thoughts...
~ We do not own the countries we live in. We are, at best, stewards with great responsibility, and at the worst, entrenched invaders gone limp with a false sense of security. We are "owed" next to nothing... and the individuals "tax dollars" don't buy you rights... they pay your debts and only scrape the debts surface, at that.
~ One does not purchase a house next to an airport and then make regular complaints about the loud noises from the overpassing airplanes... even if the airport gets a whole lot bigger.
~ The "do unto others..." thing... handily applies as "Who sets the standard of performance as a society? You? or the people you cannot control?" It's no big surprise that Mexico doesn't offer the same social service to wandering americans as america offers to wandering mexicans... wtf? are you kidding? why do you think there's 12 million of them in america?

I do not envy america the circumstance of having to make like this is a problem someone can make pronouncements about and spend quick money to fix.
I wonder how long... what distracting horror will be necessary, before this issue goes to sleep again and is resolved through the cultivation of new seeds and new ideas.

Time to go. :)
See ya.
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