Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

I would love to read or hear a considered opinion on both sides of the immigratin issue in the US.

As I understand it... the vast (12 million?) population of mexicans that have entered the US without going through regular immigration proceedings and are now living and working in the states... are protesting a federal (or is it state?) initiative to beef up? (Or just enforce existing?) immigration laws.... to the extent that these people would no longer be able to stay?

I mean...
~ that's a lot of people... they must account for some aspect of the economy... you can't suddenly remove them from the equation without causing damage.
~ where... would... they... go?
~ perhaps "made in america" would stop meaning "made by mexicans in America" and prices would have to go up?
~ how can they be asking to suddenly be allowed to apply for welfare and other social transfer benefits when they've not paid any taxes?
~ do their kids go to school? public school?

I'm confused.

I have strong feelings that people shouldn't be allowed to "usurp" an immigration process... I protested and was almost killed (well...attacked) over an issue like this when a boat load of Turkish immigrants unloaded illegally in Canada...
I cannot imagine how you can deal with 12 million people that are integrated into a social fabric? It's not like there in a line up waiting to be allowed in and the debate is on the rules for admission...

So ... any thoughts would be helpful.
Am I interpreting events fairly or have I got it wrong?
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