Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ Ok... two tax returns filed. (due by midnight tonight... phew. :D)

~ My wrist... killer sore. Not swollen enough to be broken... I don't think.
When I fell today (skate park... and shut it... I know I know... 44... so kill me... or let me beat you to it. :D)
... when I fell... I was being cocky and went off a curved edge into a 7 foot bowl... but I went in on enough of an angle that ... well... I just fell off the board. Not terrible, because I'm a natural spaz, so I'm used to falling. Sadly, the hand I broke the first part of the fall with... folded back. (left hand - SCORE!!). So the base of my palm... just before the wrist... has a red-like-fire spot and most of my wrist is bruised. It's sofa king sore that it's just stupid.
It needs to hurry up and not be sore... because I have every intention of doing this more... (skate park). But I'm gonna wear those kick ass "roller blade" wrist guards from here on out. (and the current helmet and knee pads).

~ Dinner...
because I feel like sharing...

I enlisted the help of the boys because my wrist was soooo sore.
Edward made the rice (jasmine rice) and shucked the corn (corn o'the cob is a way big fav in this house).
George tore up the romaine for the ceasar salad...
and I STABBED myself in my LEFT palm skewing a shrimp on a wooden "kabob" stick... (scared the crap out of the kids)

So... rice, salad, corn, chicken and shrimp kabobs and garlic bread. Fabo sunday night dinner. :)

~ Ok... time to read with edward (yes, I know he's going to be late... shhhhhh!)
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