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Amazing Race 9 Update!!

Amazing Race 9 Update!!

I Have The Right To Be Afraid!

And they're off... , the gloves that is. Everybody's inner asshole is popping out and they're all being mean to each other now. Fun eh. We see Jeremy spank Eric with a clue, Fran and Barry hit The Pleasure Dome, Joseph morphs into a six year old, and Monica has her hate on good and tight. Meanwhile, the hippies are nose kissing with some random Bedouin dude.

Good Afternoon Race Fans...
(aka "The show mechanics...")
From Oman to Aussi...
~ everybody catches a flight to Australia, noting that while everybody else got 180$ for "this leg of the race..." the non-elimination Hippies gathered up 300$ on the plane - to be added to the forty or so $ they got from some of the others – but not MoJo or E&J. The race to the Airport began with the King of Oman sneaking off to the seven-eleven in the middle of the night; so of course, there's fireworks, and mad-huge procession of vehicles that blocks traffic completely ... for ages...
~ next clue ... at Kings Park and the war memorial there. E&J get here first... and Jeremy does a wind-milling-arm, hip-swinging, spank'em-hot-stuff thing to Eric as he gets the clue. A) Eric looked bored with it and B) Jeremy needs a patent leather cop uniform...
~ from there it's off to Fremantle and hopping a ferry to Rottnest Island... the next morning. So they crash... although Fran and Berry went into a place called the Pleasure Dome.
~ Ferry to Rottnest and bike all over the freaking place, starting with a light house. Ride uphill for 13 miles... then down for 1/2 mile, unless your MoJo, then you can ride wwwwway down the hill again and then realize you need to go back.
~ then it's Detour time with half of them dragging dead bushes up the beach and the rest retrieving crayfish from mini-lobster traps.
~ clue it to Fremantle Prison
~ then Road Block: Find a product-placement... er... duracell batteries in a "cell" and then spelunk it under the prison in ancient tunnels.
~ off to the southern tip of the Fremantle Marina to meet Kill Phil.

The Good
Ok, how freaking cute was that little nose bumping thing with the hitch-hiking Bedouin dude? The Hippies picked up this guy who helped them navigate, and bought them gas and candy... and then reaches behind the boys head, one at a time, to pull ‘em in close for a nose-tip-touch thing that was either a groovy Bedouin traditional thing or just a little gay. But very cute. I expected everybody to spontaneous grow fuzzy rabbit tails. Any ways... that was cute, but the good part? The "good" part was them making the only flight out of Sand Land to Australia with only seconds to spare. The lead in to them making the flight was populated with sound bites from the plane of Monica talking Hippie Boy smack with hate'en and when they show... she's "Isn't that annoying..." and Jo chiming in with "I hate the hippies". Bwahahaha... sucka'as.

The Bad
E&J can stop with the horseshoes up their ass any time.
Of course, they're utterly stupid... i.e. spending an hour at the prison trying to find the tunnels, and they are really coming off in editing as selfish, womanizing, kinda pathetic, little fuckers. I'm liking the way Phil sorta diss's them when they hit the mat.

The Ugly
Besides the image of Fran just dropping dead on the spot a few times?
How about what a strange little woman that Yolanda is? She's got nothing but bad vibes for her man and seems to spend all her time dwelling, and brooding. Time to plan your escape there Ray.

The Exceptionally Pathetic
Joseph ... getting in a sizzle with Monica... because she had the gall to be right about something – like, "we're going the wrong way." Dude sounded like he was six! Of course, her little "I have the right to be afraid" when they were crayfish collecting, sounded like some pretty hard core waiting room pamphlet quoting to me. Her pent up rage – coming out, directed at the Hippies – is something to fear.

The Losers
I would so seriously have rather seen Yolanda and Ray lose tonight (and they almost did) but ... alas... earwax! Fran and Barry are last to the plate and it's a "see ya" round. It kinda looked like Barry's denture was gonna extend out like a projecting alien jaw there for a moment on the mat. Eak.

The Winners...
Eric and Jeremy win this round, seconds ahead of Monica and Joseph. All four of these people could be eaten by sharks and I'd not care one witt.
Just say'en... J

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