Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ The boys got their "shirts" from the fencing club tonight. (rewards for doing well in a test last week - only two to win... :D) They're almost as a'light with the happy beam as their dad. :)

~ went for "perimeter groceries*" tonight and still managed to fill the basket. !!! I cleaned out the fridge earlier ... so, it's time to fill 'er back up again.

~ forgot to set the pvr... show times have been so messed up that the "weekly" schedules ... suck. So, I was jumping all over the place trying to catch record times in other time zones and still get to watch AR tonight. :) (thank the tv gods for the sat-dish-geek thing.)

* There are two kinds of food items in a grocery store; the food on the "outter loop" of the store, and the food on the "inside isles". If you think about it... the outter-loop stuff is all the fresh fruits, vegitables, dairy, bread, and meat. This is the "relatively good for you" zone. The "inside isles" are the lands of not-so-good-for-you food. The goal is to go perimeter shopping at least twice for every time you need to "inside isle" shop. And if you make a point of doing them seperately... you get a better sense of your own shopping habits... and you might even make a healthy choice over a processed choice as you go along. :)

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