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Wednesday, April 26

Ok... that's my stern face... :D

[ :: hidden smiles :: ] [ :: and ... well, a smile :: ]

Wake up feeling mightily refreshed!!! (going to bed "early" - shh stop laughing - clearly helps)
We're out of Grapefruit... Edwards breakfast food of choice lately...
We're out of muffins... Geo's breakfast option...
So? I made a big mess of pancakes and they were delicious. :D :D

Everybody made it out on time and now it's all about me getting work done.
I'm seriously going to miss being this relaxed all day long... when I go back on client contract.
Of course, I miss the social interaction ... so ... here's crossing my fingers.

Why "cross fingers"?
Because today is the day that I'm supposed to hear back from my client about the new gig, following up on that presentation I gave last week.
I make myself crazy at times like this... sigh.

~ black stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ white t and my brown turtleneck... that I thought was gone for the season... but 2 degrees is ... cold'nuf for me. :)
~ finish three survey documents, and one presentation... and if I get that done...
~ work on my taxes. tick tick tick... sigh.
~ the boys have fencing tonight... :)
~ tonight? four solid hours of tv going on the pvr... Amazing Race, Alias, Lost and Invasion...
~ of course, we'll only watch AR tonight... (dude, the pvr is totally filling up!!! - I gotta get her to fry off all those back-epi's of oprah. :D)
~ for some good karma to hold on to darkbay's daddy today...
~ somebody would email me at with falloutboy's dance dance... (thank you) Geo is after it and I can't find it anywhere... (and yes, I know... AHHHHH! but I will not judge music "at him"... I just make sure his mp3 is loaded up with good music too... :D
~ for a wonderful day to be around every corner in the life and times of willedit... just 'cuz... :D
~ a happy four year anni out to ur_flys_down... May you and Jay... wash, rinse, and repeat. :)
~ and to send a few "get through it" vibes out to jjnslat... you're almost done. :)

by admitting to ourselves just how hard it is,
even though you do such a good job of putting on the face,
you can begin to accept that everyone...
swims the same water.

when you reach out and offer to help,
even though you secretly wish for hands to come your way,
you are changing the world...
and getting closer to shore.

you know... I always feel like Ilya Kuryakin when I wear a brown turtleneck.
Of course... I can't blame you for making the "who?" face...
Never mind. :)

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