Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ unbelievable heartburn... must be the brownies I made tonight.
~ making great progress on the book ... and this gives me a really good vibe inside.
~ suz recently moaned while playing maple story. Yes...
~ cleaned out the "rafters" in the garage tonight... (a "we're moving job jar" project)
~ I make a really good spaghetti sauce. :)

~ this is an old thought... but worth repeating as I read through my fps...
It would sure be grand to be wealthy beyond measure and book an entire cruise ship and invite you all for a week away...
Imagine how strange it would be... everybody on my f-list. dozens know dozens on my list... hundreds know a few... and there are so many that, when I click to their bio page, know none of the other people on my list.
It is what makes bloggin lj style so amazing to me... the way you are all so disconnected yet I get to draw you together. You forget, sometimes, that all your friends don't know one another.

Ok... nuf blah blah blah... time to deal with heartburn... arrrg!
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