Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, April 25

Edward is almost incapable of holding a normal face for a picture... it's like he keeps a hidden reserve of "pull a face" power that is released when ever someone says "ok, smile".

Not for nothin, but the picture lies. Edward is happy and calm... Geo is the head case today. He was complaining of a headache, so I'll right off his very grumpy and "practicing to be a teenager" attitude as a result of said headache. I know I'm a pain in the morning when things step out of the "routine" so maybe I was setting him off... ah well... He'll be home and smiling and pushing boundaries by 4:00. :)

It was snowing... I mean... crap. It was snowing.
It's gone now and the sky isn't so snarly dark and dismal... but still, I'm not a big fan of waking up to snow in late April.
(and it's way brrrrrrrr!!!!)

Oh yeah, and, btw... dry Honeycomb makes a nice finger-snack food with your morning coffee. :)

~ blue ftls
~ nice, but too big, blue jeans
~ gray t and a warmer long sleeve.
~ all day... at the kitchen table, laptop and a project for work.
~ tonight? Watch any of the shows we have on the pvr from the last week?
~ that sometimes59, aka brand-new-mom, continues to find her feet. :)
~ for teasdale... to get some leather straps ... er, ok, this is hard to explain, so never mind. :)
~ that little miss sugar-leah (fireflieslie) remembers to just do what she does best... and enjoy.
~ and ... to just send a squeeze out to icicle, who is more than she'll ever know, not less than she thinks. :)

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday big and blue...
may happiness ...
keep up with you.

Geezus....there goes that damn indian, falling off his horse again...
Guy came on the radio this morning ... having a shit attack about the fact that a bunch of people in Kashechewan (indian reserve) had to be evacuated because of flooding. His rant? "where was the federal government... why have these people been abandoned?" High-lighting my issue with Indian Reserves overall, I gotta say... what a stupid stupid stupid situation.

Micro View: It's weather, and no amount of federal hand-out cash is gonna stop weather, so stop being a pussy and man-up about that community needing to get it's shit together. Yeah, people needed to be airlifted (at a cost comparable to several years income for someone like me, btw) to the city... why? because their piss ant stupid little town, impoverished by the pathetic reserve leadership's miss management of FREE MONEY handed over in buckets from the Government, got hit with a huge spring run-off on the river that runs through it. Duh... water ... wet... fly to safety and free room and board while we all wait for mother nature to recede. (ps. if this happened to me, the only rescue I'd get is the one I pay my insurance agent for) And this guy is screaming because the government let this happen?
Macro View: Look at Caledonia, 57 days of a stand-off with Inidians on that Reserve because of a land claim issue. Now... magically... the land in question is being called a "sacred burial ground". And then a hundred miniature violins started playing in the background. Show me an Indian Reserve in Canada and I'll show you one of two stories... a thriving community, closely integrated with a near-by city or a shit hole, with a lot of poor, screwed families and bunch of rich indians running a casino and some cigarette smuggling. Isolation'ism has not worked for the native american population in Canada. It's a fricking waste of federal money to pay these people off for all time as if we all owe them something.

And "Land Claim" problems my lilly white ass...
There is not one indian or immigrant alive today that had anything what so ever to do with what ever bad shit went down with the relationship between The White Man and The Red Man... No member of our government stole land from the indians... and I'm getting wicked sick and tired of my tax dollars propping up their pretend economies, ineffective legal system, their broken communities and their cultural identity. If it's so "cultural" and so important to be "traditional" then I would think you could take-the-fuck-care-of-it without depending 100% on the rest of Canada to support it. It's time to start paying taxes, going to public schools, and integrating the economies and laws. If native americans in canada want to have band councils, and live traditional lives... great... fill your boots. But why, exactly, am I paying for it? What the hell did I ever do to them?
Arrrrggggg!!!! I'm so sick of this totally stupid "reserve" system I can barely talk about it without getting angry.

Yeah... so yesterday I mentioned the "Official speak" nature of news reporting from Kandahar... now I wake up to read that the Canadian Government has banned the press from the military bases because they (the government) want to ensure we are not shown the flag draped coffins.
Well, isn't that precious.

It's strange... how I'm living in two worlds now. One is in this house, on this street, facing this summer with the children, camping, swimming, stuff... and the other is in the new house... new neighborhood, new plans, goals and work-to-be-done... My minds eye has trouble deciding where to focus.
~ it's fun, ... and strange.

K, time to fly...
See ya.

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