Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ twenty four cup cakes... french vanilla, are baking away as I type... White fluffy icing on top and little golden and silver balls sprinkled around...
Tomorrow is cup-cake day at the kids school... x number of volunteers (waves) bake, and all the kiddies get to buy a cup cake for 1$. Yes, it's expensive...
It's a fund raising activity so... no complaining. General complaining about stupid stuff they do at that school... is not allowed to tarnish the cup-cake-vibe. :)

~ our mail box was chalk-a-block stuffed ... with letters, cards, and fancy spancy "packages" from moving companies... :) All form letters with the van line name in a different font plugged in... trashed immediately.

~ big family bike ride zone after dinner. Good "tire your kids out" activities like that are essential parenting tools. !!!! :)

~ now? time to hustle kids to bed... grab my glasses (that I now quite literally "require" for reading) and crawl into Eds bed to read another 20 pages or so of The Half Blood Prince. The whole "Ron and Harrie discover girls" theme is totally lost to him ... but that doesn't mean he doesn't hear every every word. At any point, while reading... despite any side activity he may be pursuing... (playing with beads or something) he can recite back ... the last several sentences... It's almost creepy.

k... see ya. :)

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