Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

in the MECH WAR!!

Today started out like any other...
A short trip in the car, errands to run, places to go...

Never could I have guessed that today...
I would become a soldier in the war against the Mechs!

As I drove away from my home... destined to meet my bro at "the house"...
My little honda... simply died ... in mid stride.
Lot'sa gas... plenty of battery...
All the chuga-chuga I wanted when I turned that key.
But, alas... earwax!
No dice.

So I locked it up and walked the few blocks home...

I got suz's car... and did my errands.
Towards the end of that... I called CAA.
Best money I've ever spent on a car ... The CAA membership.

Then I met No Tow Joe. A clandestine recruiter for the SAMs (Soldiers Against Mechs).

He and his tow truck pulled up and said the magic words... "Lets have a look!"
He sprays this stuff all over the place on the [ :: engine :: ] ...
(big metal thing under the hood of the car... um... the gas goes in one end, and zoom comes out the other. grok?)

He tells me to try and start it up while he watches the engine.
Instant reaction from him.
We trade places after he tells me where to watch...
And low and behold, as he cranks the car... ARCING MINIATURE BOLTS OF LIGHTENING shoot out of this spot.
(see "right here" on the image below)

He offers to tow me to where I had said I wanted the car to go...
But then he got all "recruiter like".
He explained that I could buy a "Cap and Rotor" kit at Canadian Tire (store) and replace this myself.
He explained how to remove the cap and the rotor (almost) and assured me I could do this...
30'ish $ compared to all associated costs of my Mechanic waking up with my car in his lot tomorrow and doing this for me...
Dude... every time the mechanics touch your car... you pay!

So we got my car going... but sputteringly... and he followed me home.
Then drove me back to get Suz's car...
And bid me farewell...

Off to CT I go and home again with the mystical parts...
I got my "cap" off... but the screw holding the rotor in place was ... no where to be seen.

After a quick call to the CT garage... and asking ever-so-nicely for the guy to yell over to a mechanic (ahhhh!) how I'm supposed to turn the rotor when the things taken apart...
Apparently all I needed to do... was give'er with the key for a split second and then check for the screw...
It either rotates into view ... or not.
Six tries later... BINGO.

A few minutes later... and total presto time.

New parts installed and the car starts ... just like it should. :)
And no bill from a mechanic!
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