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Friday, April 21

If mother nature was a basketball player... she'd be hitting nothing-but-net.
Of course, if she were just a Dallas Mav's fan... she'd be holding a two-way airline ticket to anywhere. (very lucky fans!!! Imagine if you and your family had gone to the game? You'd have sweet tickets for the whole family... Next years vacation cycle is gonna rock for Mav's fans in Dallas.)

We had my MIL over for dinner... (crock pot stuff).
She's a sweet woman... not an unkind bone anywhere in her body. :)
(and I know I'm lucky to have a great extended family)
Other than a frozen moment when Ed, loud talking through a mouth full of food, appeared to yell "walking penis"... it was lovely.
We were mistaken, btw. He repeated and ... well, I don't even remember what he was saying, but it wasn't penis.
I was too mortified to retain that bit.

Up early today, getting z off extra early and the boys off to bus land... and now getting sorted for work.

~ green ftls
~ p-z jeans [ :: when dressing for work means jeans... life is good. :: ]
~ seriously black t (used to be the "jet black" t, but ... you know... time marches on)
~ a summer button up and don't tuck me in shirt.
~ quick hit on some work this morning...
~ off to work for a lunch hour (and into the afternoon) meeting with the team.
* clarity: I work for a huge company, and within that org I am part of an ITIL / ITSM team (they call it a "practice" and ... the jokes are unending, IMHO) that is contracted out as a team and as individuals to various clients (government and private). So I'm going to my employers offices, versus my client "boss"
~ tonight? jones for tomorrow.
~ Go for a bike ride...
~ write a bit about Survivor...
~ watch some tv...
~ geek it up and then sleep. :)
~ to send a few warm thoughts out to katscan...
~ that ouroboros668 ... had his banana...instead of his carrot... (LOL)
~ to wave over at yumikid... 'cuz she's just around a few corners...
~ to take note: never phone angryvixen early in the morning.

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday to a woman who is sometimes lost... and always worth finding. May this day begin a year of wonderful experiences little Em... (nextproblem).

You don't really think that people who fall in love ...
in other countries...
other cultures...
feel something different than we do?
A heart breaks or sores to the heavens in darkest africa to no less a degree than it does in your own back yard.
The sandy streets of rural Dubai, and the heavily painted roads in Israel... all tread by people who love just a you do.

And we think they just carry on.
After families are torn to shreds in the blinding flash of a road side bomb.
A cry for freedom or of insanity that shatters windows... a block away.
Husbands... wives and children... in the blink of an eye... shattered.

They are no less devastated than you would be.

I can not imagine.
I just can't.

New rules... or at least... enforced rules at the builders site are keeping people like us (home buyers) away from the site during the working hours of the tradesmen doing their thing. And see'en as we need a key now ... we can only get into the place when the sales office is open and the workmen are at home watching tv. Translation: Weekends. gah!!! With them being closed last weekend (easter)... it's been two weeks since we've been in. AHHHH! it's making me crazy and I'm totally jonesing for tomorrow so we can get in there. :D :D :D

This is a link to a magic bit of video... (and thanks findingmeg)
It can melt the coldest heart. And bring a smile to just about anyone. :)

Ok... time to jet.
Have twenty kinds of a wonderful day.
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