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Proud daddy time:

Geo's really getting his feet with this fencing stuff.
He's got a long way to go... but he's learning to "stand and deliver" instead of shrinking when attacked.

There was this moment early on in the class... The instructor was having each student take over "leading the group" and had them calling the poses.
So, there's twenty five kids lined up shoulder to shoulder in this fencing posture (no foil) and one little guy is to call out a complicated set of "forward, forward, thrust, back... back ... thrust" etc. These kids are 8 - 13. Ed is the only 8 year old, and I'd say a majority are 12-13. All of them... get up there and cannot marshal their voices. Geo and Edward both stood firm and "Called" out their commands in crisp clear voices. Sounds like a small thing... but instructor dude was totally impressed. A Canadian Fencing Association shirt is the standard "reward" for excellence in the class... Geo and Ed both earned one with their performances tonight. I didn't, however, get any photo's or video of them doing the "leadership" thing... I was busy being all proud.


[ :: and a very small ... short video :: ]

Geo is on the left...
Listen for the instructors comment at the end.
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