Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, April 18

People are piling up downstairs... (inspection zone) and I'm just about to split for Starbucks.
It's nothing-but-blue in the sky and while the air is cool... downright cold when the boys headed to school... the day holds the promise of warmth and sunshine.
This is lovely... no question. :)

I'm headache free but still stuffy... (but I could care less about stuffy ... it's the headaches that drive me down.:D)
... and I'm busier than a priest at a boys summer camp...
I have all this crap to do for work, and to re-prepare for the big client show tomorrow. (the one canceled last thursday).

~ black ftls
~ p-z blue jeans
~ old blue t and a pz sweater
~ and yes, I'm the pz poster boy ... kill me.
~ sitting here waiting for the inspection zone.
~ The "inspector" (ah, chief inspector cluseau), the agent, a hardwood guy (matching hardwood to redo our family room floor) and the clients... (aka: buyers!!) all expected.
~ taking off to 'bucks to work for a couple of hours...
~ then to z's office to pick her up and go to the new house for some pictures.
~ more work this'afternoon,
~ and getting sorted for the "big show" tomorrow morning (the rescheduled Make Or Break presentation at work)
~ to send big thanks to moxielass for pointing out [ :: Google Calendar :: ]
~ happy puttering to teasdale... :)
~ and to smile at uniclycommon... er... I mean, Sir.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Captain gravity! May your world spin towards friendships that sooth your soul and may happiness overtake you. :)
And Ellen (chicaboo25), have a wonderful year little sugar... A year of good fortune, better friendships, and great health awaits.

Have you ever heard of a drug company called "Serono"? Yeah, well they got nabbed with defrauding the prescription industry because some people did a little whistleblowing... and the US "False Claims Act" rewards whistleblowers with a percentage of the reported fraud...
The whistleblowers shared 51,800,000 US$.
Can you just imagine how badly they were defrauding the 'script process...
Talk about building trust in an industry huh...

UPDATE: Congratulations to mzbean on the birth of her lovely little boy Bradley Alden. Mom and baby are healthy and well and at home. :)

These are the best of times...
These are the worst of times...

Such are the days of grand decisions, anticipation, frustration and love.
Sometimes it helps to stop in the middle of life's more dramatic intersections,
And internalize that you are making memories that you have a lifetime to process.

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