Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Has it ever dawned on you,
in a mushy stupid way
just how much you value a friendship.
Realized that you love a friend and it doesn't matter why,
just that you do...
and that you hope against all hope,
you'll get to hold onto it.

You fall in love.
Your spouse... becomes your partner in all things.
You work, and form relationships, real... but limited by their nature.
You have kids... and, well... nothing compares.

But a friend!
Friendships seem more mysterious.

I've always made friends easily.
More often than not... those friendships are simple ones.

It's the complicated... full scale friend,
someone you love and rely on for no special reason
that you just want to be able to hold on to.

they can be like your safety value.

I have one of those.


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