Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ I read about, and saw pictures of... something called a sugar glider. A marsupial from down under. Holy flippen cute little critter. Little bit creepy to think of them in large numbers... like bats... but still... darned cute. sugar_gliders
~ I've had a headache... not a migraine... just one of those ... above the eyes, sinus headache things... all flippen day. Sigh. Not a big smily thing.
~ spearmint ... makes me sneeze.
~ it's really gotten to the point where I wont even bother to try and read a novel unless I have my reading glasses on. It took me 43 years to start wearing these eyes out.
~ we had a moment at dinner tonight. Geo had said he was going to bike-to-the-park with the neighbor boys at 5:40. He agreed to be home in 20 minutes for dinner. He came home at 6:50. We had driven to both parks... and no boys. Turns out he had gone biking with the neighbor boys and their parents... and the communication of this had suffered a breakdown. So we were panicked for no reason, and he was still late and should have told them he needed to be home at such-and-such a time. He starts wearing a watch full time this week.
~ I am hopeful that dear mzbean is somewhere cuddling a brand new baby... she's kinda vanished. So I'll hope for the best.
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