Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 16

I was a wandering zombie, hiding fifty little choco eggs before bed last night. Forgetting till yer just about to crawl in bed... not the best plan. :D
I say "fifty" because I carefully counted them out.
Hence... the "no eating till we've counted them" rule during the hunt. (they found all fifty. :D

It's a sunny and c-c-c-c-c-cooool day today. On the heels of so many warm days... I guess I've got nothing to complain about. :)

My parents are going to wake up in a beach house in cuba today... I hope they're having good weather.

~ pj pants
~ white t.
~ well... I was planning on sleeping a lot longer than this...
~ alas, earwax.
~ otherwise... no actual plans. Perhaps we'll drive out to the house... We wont be able to get in (builders are all locked up for the easter weekend) but we can still look 'round.
~ Likely end up on another spring cleaning project.
~ that jjnslat ... can find her cream egg... :)
~ for danicia to have a lovely rest...
~ that four sleeps come and go for harleydog...
~ and that wolfiegirl is getting her baby fix with Gabriel Lee, and that her will-power is doing well...

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday to a much absent paperlessdoll is having a nice birthday celebration... You'll not see this, but I wish for your happiness, none-the-less. :)

So we wanted to do something a little different this year...
You know... with the egg stuff.
And seeing as those adorable and yummi little choco eggs...
Are about the size of a robins egg,
The kids and I thought... heck... lets decorate robin eggs.
Off we went, hunting the trees along the golf course beside our back yard.
We found six nests and two dozen eggs!
Blowing them out, was a bit tricky...
A lot of them had .. you know, bits and chunks...
But that's ok... they were all already the most lovely shade of pale blue...
Score! I mean, even if you do nothing, it's still so pretty.
Anyways... we got out our gel pens, markers and "paint pencils",
and drew little birdies, on the outside of the eggs... just for the irony.

Tina Fey... penned some great advice for teens... :)
and "brawn" is not a word that can be pluralized... Just say'en.

Edward... at the park.

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