Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

This day...

Ended with an hour of "wave pool" swimming. :)
Pizza for dinner, then off to fencing!

~ the old guy that runs the club... is just grand. :)

After much whining and noise making...
I agreed to take the boys to the wave pool after fencing,
So now... my body is well chlorinated... despite the shower.


As for The House... The Kitchen... The Range... and The Furnace.
I'm not much of a hard ball pitcher after all.

The builders are saying the contracts allow them to shift the placement of the furnace by a few feet to accommodate the layout of the plenum and other pipes.
This I realize is true... but it sure flies in the face of an actual discussion I had at the planning stages when I asked them point-blank to be sure and place the furnace and water tank ... just so. And they didn't. Bastards ever one.

The downdrafting range... is just a no go. With the layout of the kitchen and the garage being on the other side of that wall... there would be too many elbows in the venting and it's just not gonna happen. Now I have to upgrade my range hood fan to accommodate the required number of Cubic Feet Per Minute (cfm) for a gas range. This means ... a cost. So I'm adding up the cost of the upgraded hood vent... And I'm noting that the range I've selected - instead of the downdrafting range - is less expensive... Bottom line: I can actually afford one of the groove station "chimney hood vents" (specifically: a 500 cfm Faber Classic "Synthesis" wall mount hood fan).

However to get that ... I have to convince everyone... the builders and the kitchen people to play ball... seeing as we've already signed on the dotted lines.
So once again... I have to try and pitch a hard ball at them about how they fucked me up with the "no downdraft" and they can all suck eggs until this gets sorted out.

And to top it off...
Tomorrow morning is my make or break presentation, so I'm supposed to be focused on the work thing. grrrr.

The boys are a'bed... coffees fresh in the pot and the admiral is going to preceded Amazing Race... and I'll try to forget all this silliness until AFTER 10:00 tomorrow. I'm up SUPER EARLY tomorrow (the show starts at 8:00 am) so I'm to bed early tonight. :)

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