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Wednesday, April 12


It's going up to 21 today... dig it... that's plenty warm and kinda gives me happy feet. :)
and I got absolutely zero time. sigh.

~ green ftls
~ new'ish p-z blue jeans
~ black t and...
~ a summer shirt... short sleeves, no-tuck and breezy. :)
~ busy flipp'en day!
~ kids up and outti...
~ z up and gone...
~ and now moi... off to geek it up at the Galactic Core making sure my presentations (etc) are all pretty.
~ gotta get on the phone with a couple of appliance guys to be sure of a few things regarding the cost of "built in range hood vents"
~ then on the phone to the builders and put the squeeze on 'em. (crosses fingers that this isn't a huge mistake... )
~ the boys have fencing tonight after dinner... and I'm thinking ... well, Pizza for dinner. :)
~ Amazing Race and LOST tonight... and dude... this boy is getting to bed plenty early tonight. Tomorrow is "make or break" day.
~ sleepy people wake up...
~ that morganofthefay gets herself something truly special. :D
~ that kristiseriously enjoys all the space in her new box.
~ and a three day early wish for whatilove to have a wonderful vacay!!! (better than wishing it after you leave sugar. :D)

Is this strange?
That I do this every day?
The morning pic, post, rant, and love vibe deal...
That I have been doing this every day... save saturdays, for FREAKING years?
I mean...
If I could paint a picture of happiness,
It would be painted in the colours of my life.
It's not like I don't love it and enjoy it.
I just wonder sometimes...

Holy busy batman... :)

Make a wish...
... and make it for me to have a successful day. k?

143 yo!!!

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