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Tuesday, April 11

I'm not beautiful like you...
I'm beautiful like me.

~ Joydrop

That's such a great lyric.... :)

It's kinda overcast today... but ... there is happiness in my heart.
And there is no sun beam that can compete with that.

I guess... all there is left to do is see if there is some why to share my happiness.
No way the world can feel overcast if I can share whats in my heart.

(and yes, I know that's bursting with sucki-ness... but I just... don't... care. :D)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ blue jeans... that don't fit, have NO rips, but hang on my belt. (my fat day jeans... and it's ... not a fat day)
~ gray t and red sweat shirt. :) (k, that said "gay t and red sweet shirt" up until the proof reading stage... hahahaha)
~ update my big-deal presentation, and two reports and get them off to the galactic core so the print shop can do the "fancy spancy" print job on them.
~ this will take all day... no question.
~ er... 'cept for the part of the day when we zoooooom off to the land to see how the drywall is going in. :)
~ tonight? no plans... maybe watch something from the pvr... we have Grays Anatomy backed up for a few weeks... but I don't think they're new?
~ for the world of solid and cool choices be a world you conquer my dear friend, Ivan (ratonil)!!!
~ to congratulate sexsatan04 on being the person that stood up... while so many sat about...
~ for mzbean to have that little baby and ... be able to sit comfortably...
~ that I could reach through my computer and bring my hands to teasdale... so that I may just share a moment of loving care. 'Cause that's what friends are for.
~ and redragon... May you ever see the rising sun dear dragon

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday fireguy455... may there be many spam free days in your world. :) No serious... have a wonderful birthday... and may the year ahead keep you healthy, happy and loved. :)

I say it again... because it needs saying... hell, I'll say it ever day for the rest of my life if I have to...
There is nothing unpatriotic about asking questions...
There is nothing wrong with demanding answers...
And when we commit to killing... there better damn well be questions and answers.

Our soldiers may very well be doing wonderful things.
They may be doing a great job.
But that doesn't mean we must not carefully consider and reconsider why their doing it, on a regular basis.
We're not talking about building roads here.
We're talking about killing, being killed, and making decisions like "acceptable numbers of collateral deaths...".
Dead burnt babies lying in the rubble of a destroyed home matters... even if it's in the middle of darkest Afghanistan!

Don't you dare tell me it's wrong for me to want my government to think and rethink the choices that lead to war.

The Canadian Football League has told the Ottawa Renegades to shut their doors for the 2006 season.
No really...

I live in a world where I can talk about rice ... and interact with people around the world on the subject.
You would have to work really hard to understand how happy this makes me.


oh sweet mercy... Love.
Ya ever feel like you had so much of it in you...
You thought you might burst?
Yea, well let's just hope I don't get stuck with a pin today.
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