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About rice...

Tell my you don't eat Uncle Bens converted rice...
you might as well eat the eraser off an stabilo pencil...

But likely ... you eat Bazmati rice.
You can buy... an eighteen metric tonne bag for about a buck... so you know.
The thing is... you get sick of it.

It's not terrible or anything... it's actually really good rice.
Cooking it? Pour well rinsed rice into boiling water
(a little less than 2 x the amount of rice with a good dash
of salt - so the boiling water doesn't leach the salt out of
the rice - and a dollop of butter... because everything tastes
good with a dollop of butter on it) and turn the heat down for
12 minutes... then off the heat for another 5 and serve.


Anyways... back to "sick of it..."
That 18 metric tonne bag... you forget that there's other sorts of rice!
(and uncle bens is not rice... it's almost a petroleum product... don't eat it.)

I bought some Jasmine Rice...
Boy that was nice.
Cooks the same... and tastes super diff and a really different consistency.
It was neat to scoop it from the pot and pack it into little fruit nappies then
turn 'em over onto the plate to make groovy "balls of rice".

... and rice is nice on your tummy.

just say'en...
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