Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, April 10

There is nothing on me... as smooth as my face after a blade shave on the heels of two days without shaving. "Two days" is the magic number... one day? get nicks... three or more... well it's like mowing the lawn and thats never fun.

I remain confused as what overcame us while in that chocolate factory yesterday... It's about a 35 - 45 minute drive away... We listened to a copy of Lemony Snickets Book On CD (read by Lemony himself, btw) and the time flew... It's not like we couldnt go back... but gah! we have chocolate like all get out now... madness. MADNESS I TELL YOU. :D

The day started (at 6:00) with frost on the car and a real chill in the air... but it's going up to 14 (14 canadian dude) today and that's plenty warm and yummi.

Note: I'm in starbucks... man, this is like... four different peoples office... at least right now. It's packed with people and I can tell that specific individuals are simply sitting here for hours... seeing clients, working on correspondence (it's a net-hot-spot if you have the $$). Kinda cool...

~ blue stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers... that ARE OLD... I really need to get new pants...
~ maroon dress shirt / tie and light sweater.
~ wake up but-stupid early... 6:00 is "but-stupid early" for me... but I went to be at 11:00 so I was a good boy.
~ boogie to a meeting with my old client at 8:00 ... whom I hope will soon be my new client... to present a "how do you like me so far" package that I will be presenting to her boss at the end of the week... (make or break time on Thursday morning... and - sigh - it will also be at a but-stupid early time of day thing.
~ drop off signed - sealed - etc. kitchen plans to the designers... the kitchen is "a lock" now.
~ meet with my employer at 11:00 at a starbucks (where I'm sitting now, typing this... waiting for him)
~ hit "winners" to see if I can find a new pair of pants ... then home to work the afternoon away on my "thursday make-or-break show".
~ tonight? no plans... but likely work on the "book project" (a project on our PEI vacation from a couple of years ago)
~ that no1topaz... finds the patience she needs...
~ for sweetcharity to trust herself...
~ to smile at lynspin for many many good reasons...
~ and that findingmeg... enjoys her friday. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a very distant friend... kissekat. You're such a caring woman and I treasure the chances I get to catch up on your world. :) May your birthday bring you much happiness and keep you in the best of health.
And happy birthday to Paul! (henman)... I hope you and your family are kept in the hands of happiness as the year unfolds and that you get to enjoy your birthday with some memory making moments. :)

Today in Canadian politics... a "Debate" will take place in Parliament on the subject of Canadian involvement in Kandahar (Afghanistan). This is a "show" debate with no real vote afterwords... so it's kinda useless... but it's better than nothing. A woman spoke on the radio this morning... she is the wife of a Canadian soldier. Her husband is on assignment in Afghanistan. Her message was all about "Supporting Our Troops" and she spoke of her belief that "now is not the time to debate" the Afghanistan issue because our troops are already there and it's out patriotic duty to support them. She also asked, not unimaginatively, if we would rather fight terrorism on our own soil or on foreign soil?
I remained calm.
No yelling at the radio.
In fact... I felt sorry for her... having to live day-to-day knowing her partner is in harms way.
But make no mistake... I remain completely opposed to her point of view.
I believe that demanding our government take second... third... hell, ongoing "looks" at what we are doing on foreign soil with our troops.
I believe it is our right as citizens to demand explanations and it is our leaders duty to reevaluate any Canadian involvement in a war.
These beliefs do not go out the window just because we have deployed troops into harms way...
Our enemies are not fools. They will use propaganda against us... just as we use it against them.
I will not stop asking my government to consider it's war effort just because a foreign enemy is posturing over our supposed indecision.
I believe that the best way we can support our troops is to keep them out of harms way... especially when that harm is pointless.

Are we (Canada, United States, all the coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan) ... are we fighting an enemy?
Have we identified a real threat to our national, let alone global, security?
No really... are we fighting an enemy who is threatening us or are we fighting a population that is plotting against us?
Do you believe there is a difference?
Because if all you need to do is plot against us to become the target of a bombing raid, invasion and occupation...
I have to ask you... exactly who posses the greater threat to global security?

All this wonderful weather... lovely as it may be... spells drama in the land of me. Drama and frustration. Our damn house has not sold yet... so that means we gotta stick to the pretty plan... gardening like we mean it. I'm all for keeping things up even if the house was sold, but when it's not sold... well it just puts pressure on to get things pretty ... and that feels sooooo much like work-for-nothing.

Ok... I'm out. :) See ya.
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