Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 9

It's all sunshiney gorgeous... today. Yesterday? Same. Poor us. :D

I woke up saturday morning at 5:00 am with a thundering migraine. That's two in the space of a week.
Suz wants me to get an MRI and make sure I'm not a walking anurism (sp?)... So I'll start trolling for a doctor again.

Two showings yesterday... two.!! and neither family was sitting on our front step holding big bags of money when we got home.

We had a really nothing night... geeky stuff... 'cuz I'm working on a project and suzanne is officially a Maple Story nut bar now...
Oh, and we got around to watching Prison Break from last week.
You know... that show sucks. I'm hooked on the plot... I want to enjoy it... but I find it way too predictable and I really really really dislike a few of the bad guys... It's like I'm watching just so I get to see so-and-so get his comeuppance. :)

~ blue ftls
~ older blue jeans... just one rip thanks...
~ b.u.m. t and wondering when I'm gonna need the sweater to go outside. :)
~ Nothing. Everything. gah...
~ suz is running an 8 k work out as I type... well, she'll be home soon.
~ I have to sit down with Geo and build a Mayan Farm House out of popcycle sticks... glue gun time... school project...
~ then we're thinking of driving to Smiths Falls to the Hershey Factory Visitors Center for an afternoon adventure...
~ no plans for dinner... or tonight... we'll see. :)
~ to send a smile out to sin_da_rella ... although she's likely gonna miss it... 'cause she's way too busy doing nothing! :)
~ a happy sunday out to jjnslat for no special reason other than shes a wonder-girl. !!
~ that cloverbee manages to handle her drive for supplies...
~ and that mzbean has that baby... :)

Birthday moments...
from yesterday...
Happy Birthday little Kitt... (shannanigan)... I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that the people in your life keep you safe and warm all year long. :)
And to a very distant and tiny little woman... Happy Birthday dewyeyed. I'm certain you had fun with your friends yesterday and I hope that good fortune and great health keep you close for the year ahead. :)
And today!!
Happy Birthday Shugar-Snap... :D (sparklegrrl) May all your days be blessed with a happy family and your nights with a happy you. :)

Did you know the current President in Afghanistan was a big Taliban supporter before the war started?
Just say'en... big war... big plans... big elections... big deal. Nothing changes.

We went to the house yesterday... (hence the house-update post) and met my folks there to have another good look around. :) It's going to be so remarkable... but it's going to take soooooo much work to get settled. I'm a lot bummed about having to rebuild everything that gets done when you live somewhere for a while... Shelves, friendships, knowing where everything is... patterns. I'll miss the patterns of our lives as they played out at this home. At least I've journaled hard-core the last five years of it... so I'll never be without a way to remember. :)

Gah... way time to get to work ... :D See ya.
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