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Friday, April 7

Ah bliss... I woke up totally headache free... :) Lovely.

It's still a rainy icky day... and we all woke up late (had to drive Geo to school...)
But it's all good.

Edward is home and taking it easy peasy... chicken noodle soup is cooling on the stove...
and I'm all about getting my project finished.

~ black stripee ftls
~ mid-range "old" (just one rip) blue jeans [ :: that actually fit as opposed to hanging on the belt :: ]
~ cape cod t-shirt and a big warm pull over shirt. :)
~ take care of my little guy...
~ mad fax sessions with kitchen people, suzanne, and builders... to firm up on the kitchen plan
~ plan a trip for tomorrow to go to make a final selection of the granite slab... we're thinking paradisio
~ work work work... must finish draft of presentation... like I didn't do yesterday.
~ that my current state of being headache free... lasts a while...
~ to send out big congratulations to lady_anandia on the job zone...
~ for a little job peace to find ladymeg1
~ and a massive attack of confetti and happy stuff... out to sometimes59 on the birth of her little girl... Delia Mae. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish out to redragon. May you find wee silver bits of dreams come to life every time you open a door...

They're settling that law suite between authors and publishers that has been blocking the release of the movie "Da Vinci Code". The author of the original text - from which Brown got his book idea - was being interviewed on the radio this morning. He was talking about research into the crucifiction ... and stressing the "fiction" part. :)
Then they interviewed a minister of some hierarchical position that is also a dean at a canadian religious college. The fun part? Noting how organized - funded - religion calls anything they don't like "Gnostic Texts" just as soon as someone interprets some element of it that contradicts their male centered power system of popular control and manipulation.

What's the big issue in Canada right now? Farming. Farmers here are complaining that they cannot compete with european producers that are subsidized by their governments. They want the Canadian gov to either tax the imports or provide comparable subsidies. Very complicated issue... and I for one and well aware of how much respect is due the farmer... they provide a vital service. However, when I go into the grocery store... and the apples from Ontario are pathetic and the imported apples look beautiful... I don't look at the price.
Just say'en... There used to be a whole lot of people employed in the business of making carburetors... but we all have catalytic converters in our cars now.

There is no reason what-so-ever for them to have written in the way Hurley destroyed his "food stash". That made no sense... stranded on a island and dude is throwing away cheetos? Sorry. Everything else about the show... awesome!! :)

Time to get busy. :) (with the fizzy)
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