Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

well today has been a mess...

It started out with a headache but I figured... you know... eat an egg... take a pill... and get to work.
Got good news about "client #2" liking the report I finally finished for them...
but then...
... totally downhill.

Headache went migraine... imitrix and on the sofa for a couple of hours...
phone rang... Ed has a fever and is passed out on the "nurses bed" in the office. sigh.
So I gotta pull it together and get him...
I forget to get coffee... and I never got anything out to make for dinner.

I had to bail on my client for an 8:am meeting tomorrow to review the presentation...
because I've done shit on it today thanks to the day sucking so badly. Grrr!

Oh and the skaggy little "teachers assistant" in Geo's class wrote a "george was rude to me" note to us and he has to right her an appology.
personally... I think she's a wack job... but no good comes from letting your kid know you think anything negative about the school.
So I beat him.

and you better not have believed that, or you pay way to little attention. :D
Nobody gets beat in this house... except me.
He's writing his applogy.

headache has receeded a bit... not feeling good though.

Rice is cooking... brocolli is going on and Z headed out to get coffee and pick up a cooked chicken at the grocerie store.

Oh, and z picked up the kitchen design package... It looks good. :)
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