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Thursday, April 6

totally woke up in the wrong body today.
awake at 6:30 and my head was thumping!!! well... pounding is more like it.
advil... back to bed... up at 7:00 doing the kid thing ...
z is off to work and I'm ... struggling to work through the rest of this head ache.
oh how it needs to go away!!

It's cloudy and icky cold out... but ... no rain or snow... small blessings, I suppose. :)

~ blue ftls
~ new'ish p-z jeans
~ b.u.m. t and a big warm gap sweatshirt...
~ to let the advil fog wear off and hopeful say so-long to a headache... (crosses fingers)
~ finish my presentation draft #1
~ drive past starbucks... get a pound of coffee
~ visit the kitchen designer guys...
~ take something out for dinner... hmmm???
~ write about Amazing Race...
~ watch Survivor. :)
~ that notcharming manages to feel a wee bit better... :)
~ for monkey's adventure to be a grand experience... (lucky duck is going to france ... to see a wicked kicken kite festival... [ :: check this out!! :: ] (no really ... download and watch any of the videos!!)
~ to send some smiles out to jenlovefl2003 who enjoyed a little Mahi-mahi but made the mistake of calling it Dolphin. hahaha... people get kinda flippy when they think you're eating dolphin huh... :) (there is a fish called dolphin, or Mahi-mahi, and it's in no way related to flipper)
~ for some sweet relief to find canuckgirl...

Birthday moment...
Today is actually stephichai's birthday... I was day early writing about it yesterday. :)

Cool article in the Guardian (UK) ... taking another chunk out of [ :: intelligent design :: ] (thanks aunticrist)
~ the only problem is... I can't see that ID actually ever had any traction to begin with... I mean, outside of a few bible belt states that still think Bush was a great idea. ID always seemed to me to be a "reaction" thing that only came to the light of day because the anti-brain crew felt it was a good opportunity to try and get more religious studies in mainline education. It's almost like a the sputtering a racist right-to-lifer goes through when faced with a white woman impregnated by a black rapist.

Is that real baby seal meat in your club sandwich?

k... time for more advil and hot pack... wanna come over and give me a neck massage?

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