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~ there is a spot... along the outside of the rear wheel well on the passenger side of my car... a six inch long "spot" of pure rust. As in... "falls apart when you touch it" rust. There's like a frame to the wheel well so ... the frame remains, and that which used to be car but is now ... rust... simply flakes away.
What do I do? I mean, besides sell the car and get a new one. That's not an option right now. So... what does one do? Is it like a borg nano-tech infection that will creep across my car eating everything it encounters "Resistance is futile!!" ... or does it stop by itself? (nothing bad ever "stops by itself"... only good things do that).
So... what do I do?

~ Made great progress today ... got to visit the house with my sis'n'law and zebra... AND the kitchen dude was on the phone telling me design-number-2 will be ready for pick up tomorrow by 2:00. He was all over trying to assure me we don't need to cut things out... he's "reworked the pricing model" and "found a better source on granite" and la la la la... which all adds up to two things: 1) they* had a huge margin and he decided to cut into this one a bit to keep us on the "lets have a wicked cool kitchen" path... and 2) it's gonna be in our budget!!! <-- ok ok... number 2 was totally wishful thinking... and I'll know for sure tomorrow.

* cool and successful design company contracted to exclusively do all our home builders kitchens

~ and it's really time to go watch Amazing Race. :)

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