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Wednesday, April 5

Todays smile is brought to you by the [ :: fish lips :: ] I was gonna post... but got to laughing... :)
Clearly I'm good at amusing myself. :)

It was bright and sunny all morning... and yet... snow kept falling.
I s'pose a few little fat clouds were trying to show off to one another or something.
Bottom line... sunny but cold. :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ very black t-shirt (used the be the "jet black t-shirt" but you know... everything fades a bit)
~ up with the clock... wake, dress, feed, and scoot the boys out of the house to the bus...
~ wave to Z and then do last minute cleaning things... because...
~ showing at 12:00...
~ working on my presentation... I finished (well, draft last - now it's up to various reviews by bosses) my report to client 2 yesterday...
~ drive to z's office at lunch... pick her up... and then drive to the "house" for a lunch hour visit...
~ home at 1:00 and knuckle under with the project...
~ fencing for the boys at 6:30...
~ Lost and Amazing Race tonight... :D :D :D
~ I could find a 10 second do-over button. Just, you know.... press it and things go back 10 seconds so I could try again at stuff I just fuck right up.
~ that odyssey_road enjoys the lovvvvvely sounding laundry...
~ for a little comfort to find it's way to byron's bum. :D
~ and to send a smile out to pixiecup... just 'cuz.

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday dear stephiechai... my ever so distant and so very precious friend... :D Good luck with the house-hunting and I sincerely hope you and your family enjoy a year of good health and happiness... :)

I"m afraid of what steven harper is going to do over the next 10 years.
I'm not a pacifist... I am all for kicking the snot out of an aggressor and protecting our sovereignty.
I'm a Canadian and I'm proud of that.
But I'm just not capable of feeling anything but fear and loathing over the senseless expense in money, lives, and the future by waging battles in far away lands for no good reason... I mean... I can grok that Afghanistan would like things at home to be better... but ... so? There's a lot of places on this earth that need improvement. What makes Afghanistan worthy of my tax dollars and canadian lives?

If you can't bring yourself to smile and enjoy your life...
How can you expect help someone else enjoy theirs?
Life needs to come with one of those little cards in the seat pocket on air planes...
The one that tells you to put your own oxygen mask on before helping your kids on with theirs.
Life is like that...
Now breath.
I'll smile along with you.

Life is a lot of little projects;
~ Amazing race and survivor are projects... the updates are a personal challenge thing... sometimes the suck, sometimes not, but they always force me to apply myself. :)
~ web site! d'uh... mostly just survivor update html, and house web, lately
~ cooking... anyone tries to tell you it's not a time consuming gig to keep a family fed properly... has no concept.
~ house web site... big time busy... Get new pics? New vid? have to "make" the video, size the pics, upload the pics and get thumbs on the gallery, update the web html, and upload all to the host.
~ working on the LuLu books... book one: the PEI vacation from two years ago. It takes a shit load of time to turn all the pics into 300 dpi and then sort out the text... book publishing is time consuming!!
~ my dads wood carving web site... my moms water colour web site...
~ EATNH!!!! (Everything About The New House) oh my god this takes a lot of time...
~ then there's the actual "work I get paid for"...
~ and the whole parenthood / spouse thing. :)

143. :)

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