Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, April 3

Monday... long week... that will, no doubt, speed by like a hurricane.
I've got to finish a report for one client and get a presentation ready for another...
and the presentation is the "you know you want me" kind...
gets me on a gig or leaves me stranded.

So, obviously... I'm all about the "gets on a gig" option.
Monday... long week... that will, no doubt, speed by like a hurricane!!!

It's cold out... overcast and ick.
The weekend weather rocked every sock in mother natures frilly bits drawer,
so I'm not complaining about a dismal monday. Have at it.

Oh, and our real estate agents husband is standing on one of those mini step ladders...
looks like it would be stored on the "short bus"...
you know the type...
And he's installing new light fixtures in our front hall...
This makes me laugh... but she can do whatever she wants if it gets the job done.

~ blue ftls
~ ripped jeans
~ b.u.m. shirt and a very old sweatshirt... :)
~ up and get the whole kid zone cleared off to a bus
~ settle in at my desk and drink a pot of coffee while sorting out the work.
~ try and finish the report for client #2.
~ talk to kitchen designer guy...
~ try and relax tonight... (not likely, but I'll shoot for the moon here).
~ to send a "whoop" moment out to daikan regarding her famous family... well, Conor and his grand-dad. :D
~ that kitiara gets a little zen and the art of glok maintenance... and repair.

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday to lil'kata... :) (kataish). Have a grand adventure with the year ahead and I hope celebrating the day brings you some memory making moments. :D

Are there people out there that actually feel all bent about the concept of the seal hunt in canada?
I don't get it? I mean... I can sympathize with withered up used-to-be celebrities trashing seal hunting because ... well they're not all that smart and stuff... but I mean seriously... If you eat meat or fish... I gotta ask where you think it comes from?
The simple story goes like this;
Seal hunting ... hundreds of years of history. And hundreds of years of seal population management.
No seal hunting? Fish stocks vanish beyond the devastation they are experiencing now... because all the freaking seals are eating them
Seal hunting... sorry, but there is no blood free, white glove, cutesy way to kill a mammal. Ever seen a picture of what's going on in a slaughter house? Me either... because they never take pictures of that shit... it would freak you out so bad you'd have trouble sleeping. Ankle deep blood... organs, flesh, fat, bones, saws, axes... Cows are huge yo!
Ate a chicken lately?
So yeah...
Seal hunting... blood all over the ice that the seal is slaughtered on. You're looking at pictures of that... because????
Clubbing baby seals was outlawed in 1987...
Monitoring the hunt? Done. Management of the hunt? Ongoing.
this whole issue is sooo completely old news Canada...
It makes Brigit Bardot's ass look firm.
It's been dealt with ...

And Pammy...
bringing this up to an audience of Eastern Canadians...
in a province forever damaged by a failing Atlantic Fishery...
outstandingly stupid.

Love is less often the flower that bursts into the light
Than it is a tree of life... blossoming, bearing fruit and standing strong against the elements.
Things quickly found, are often lost with no less haste.
Though a love well founded... can bloom forever.
There will be seasons of unparalleled beauty
and others that are... less so.
But ever forward.
And this is my love.
For you today and forever,
... against the elements.

A note from my Bro...
Did you know that... Wednesday, at exactly two minutes and three
seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be:
01:02:03 04/05/06.
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