Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

A day in the woods...

A day time adventure... and clickable pictures too.
(edit: links fixed)
Started with a decision to drag the kids out of the basement, away from the games, and onto bicycles.
I grabbed a back pack and off we rode to wallmart.

(bicycles all locked up!)

I found a pair of wellingtons, rubber boots, gum boots... (depends on where yer from)
to keep in a box in my trunk for visits to the property... and they were called "Andy".
This, I assume, is the Wallmart answer to Ikea calling all their shit weird names...

On the way home, I decided it would be fun to stop, lock the bikes up a street light
and climb a rock wall into a green zone beyond a traffic wall...

This proved to be a great idea... Fun climbing and when we got over the top
Edward announced that we were in Narnia... Can you see why? :D :D

We found a pond... saw cute ducks with blue heads... :)
Lots of deer tracks and giant sticks that the boys did battle with...

A great giant rock to perch on...
We had to climb down a rock wall to get back to the cars...

We got to the street light with the bikes... and LOW AND BEHOLD...
the stupid key ring, clipped to my belt loop... no longer had a key on it.
Geo locked his bike to the lamp with his combo lock and I locked the other two bikes
to Georges lock. (phew!!) So geo rode on ahead and I pushed my bike with Eds bike perched above
and the back pack home. I searched and searched... but I couldn't find the second key.
So I spent exactly 5 minutes with an exacto blade (to cut the plastic casing) and wire cutters to cut the man strands of the cable.

Safe and sound and lots of fresh air. :)
A nice day... despite the stupid lock issue.

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