Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ahhh... breaking the saturday covenant!
which is way better than breaking into a convent on a saturday.
well, any day actually.
Unless I saw a grail over the place...
but way off topic.

tres fab dinner of ceasar salad, killer ribs, tats, green beans and little 11 kinds of good caramel coffee cakes with coffee.
well... ok, the kids had milk.
whatever. :)

Now... I'm on Dora* because I'm watching BSG S2 Epi 19... one before the last... "Lay Down Your Burdens".
Half way through.
enjoying self in a vast way. :)

* names his geek bits... this one after a heinlein character... a ship actually. :)

K, Baltar... el freakazoid bad hair guy... How'd he not die when the bombs went off... if Six bought it? Or are we supposed to buy "protected him with her body"? So... if he's dead... who's? er... and what's with Six see'en him like he see's her? Dude is a fricken Cylon man...

Sharon (Boomer) is currently plugged into Starbucks raptor and the big jumps to caprica are going down... and I can't figure why they're trusting her... is she gonna screw them? or is she going to be part of the cylon revolution with reborn sharon and six?


I love this kinda thing. :)

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