Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, March 28

So ... ridiculous sunshine, blue sky, warm temperatures... it's flipping heaven on earth outside... so: a) mother nature not only got laid recently... but who ever did the deed stayed for breakfast... b) of course, I'm sitting in a windowless ugly off-maroon cubicle... grrr!

We met with out Real Estate Agent last night... She was here to do the "I think you should lower your price" thing... which I translate into..." I'm going to forgo about $900 of my commission but I want you to get along with $17,000 less on your sale... mmmk?" All I did was ask her a few question about what advertising she's doing, and whether or not she's enjoying the $18,000 we gave her by telling our builder that we were associated with her... AND she was practically in tears... I almost got up and brought her a little statue from the family room and said... "and the Emmy goes to...." Geezus woman... !!!!
We're lowering our price... but we're not going to sign a new deal to stay with this person for another 90 days... no freaking chance.
Sell my house biatch... and hurry the hell up!

er... sorry... I got carried away there. :)

~ blue stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ brown turtleneck... and the days of "t-necks" this season are wearing thin (sadly... I really like turtlenecks)...
~ no really... Showing at 5:30, BIG DECISIONS about our House sale must take place as well...
~ training an admin support person for the role I'm no longer fulfilling... (wtf?)
~ watching three diff layers of manager have minor heart attacks... Dudes need to eat far fewer cakes if they're gonna take on this level of stress...
~ see a man about a horse ... at lunch...
~ crazed afternoon of presentation preparation
~ home from work to last minute cleaning and then off to land for pictures and out to dinner with the boys... :)
~ tonight? maybe watch prison break from last night... and watch Amazing Race... !!!!
~ um... well, yeah... lots of very self centered style wishes about ... getting a time machine to squeeze more time out of the day...
~ time at night would be nice too... I mean, time when we're not both unconscious or stressed out... would be really flipping nice yo!
~ time to read my friends pages would be actually a gas as well... but alas... earwax!

Birthday moment...
None!!! HA! an actual day with out a birthday?

I got nothing... no time, no brains... just nadda.
I hope I get to talk later. :D
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