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Monday, March 27

Yeah, so Monday and life is one big flip out!
The weather continues to be lovely... not cold and sunny... like spring... oh wait... it is spring. :)

I'll post later about work and stuff... it's gone totally mental at work though and this is just a layer of stress that I was sooooooo looking forward to missing out on. Grr!!!

Suz got into Maple Story (kidz on-line game) so she could be familiar with it... hence improve our parental-angst over the game. You gotta know what your kids are actually doing on-line... not just "know what it's called" but actually know "how" to do it and what's involved in order to effectively evaluate the threats it poses or risks that the kids are assuming. On-Line predators are the real issue...
Well... the result... ??? Suz and both boys are totally "into" maple story now... But if they're having fun... and getting fresh air too... then I guess I got nothing to complain about... seeing as i kill hours and hours geeking away on a million computer projects..> :0

~ black ftls
~ and the "monday uni"... white tommy, dark suit, random tie.
~ get up, get the boys out, and get to work on the boogie...
~ or, as they say in Shanghai... ge'up, ge'boys ot-da-house, and wok wok wok
~ get started on the a "special presentation" (omg!)
~ relax tonight... (HA!- I can't seem to relax of late) with Gray's Anatomy from last night... :)
~ I had about eighty fewer pounds of stress beating down on my heart...
~ to smile at sunshowers08 and say "nice kitty." :D
~ that my friend, mentalconundrum stays ... safe. :)
~ and to thank odyssey_road... Ella is a treasure.

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday Isabel justvisiting!! May you find all kinds of sweet reasons to smile ... and many more reasons to laugh... I hope you have a year of living wonderfully in store for you. :)

You know what makes me totally sick? I mean, besides thinking about how much money is spent on useless wars instead of on resolving poverty and hunger issues? Well, I'll tell ya... when I turn on the tube and I see a celebrity interview show with some "talent" or ... worse still... the person who knows all about some "talent" and the subject is just how hard things are for whoever is the subject de'jour. One more article or newsmagazine story about how hard done by the "stars" are with the paparazzi chasing them for pictures... or some nasty divorce... or a fight with cancer, lawyers, children problems... blah blah blah... and I may explode !!!! What a bunch of whiny pussies!!!!! It's unbelievable. Don't get me wrong here... I love the gossip column stuff... and any chance to see super-hottie-super-star girls dressed to the nines or looking like they just woke up... is fun. But the endless whining like they actually deserve a bunch of sympathy... that's wwwwway over the top. The average joe... joelle... er... the average person faces more significant and difficult problems on a weekly basis than any of these stars can even imagine. Grab any "A list" star and drop them in a blue collar lifestyle with bills, mortgages, bosses, medical bills, health challenges, ignorant strangers, and the endless desire to do well for your loved one... and that "A list" person would friggen explode into a million little confused pieces of idiot.
Oh and Tom Cruise tapped Nicole's phone... there are several layers of the judiciary and the legal system involved in this issue... AND WHO THE HELL CARES? I mean, either play us some of the juicy bits from the tape... or shut it.

I wish I could afford a six burner gas cooktop.
Just say'en... (sigh).

~ gotta jet. :) see ya.
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