Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Yeah, so I went to the club for after the dinner zone was cleaned up.
By "club" ... I mean Future Shop.
I decided to get a head set for the computer.
... but,
besides the obligatory insta-rant about the horrible horrible
person responsible for the advent of those stuuuuuupid
sealed, clear plastic packages...
the actual point of the story,
is the whole "club" thing.
'Cuz that's what it's like...
... and ol'boys club...
Only thing missing is the cigar and the bar.
~ individual men, mid thirties and beyond,
~ walking lazily... perhaps sitting in a comfy chair near a tv...
~ young women in uniforms to take your cash...
~ young men ready to rush about getting you things...
The lighting's a bit garish...
But the clubs got some way good toys.


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