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Tuesday, March 21 (which feels significant? is march 21 some special day?)

Cold, gray and ... we have a showing at 1:00 pm.
So last night was all about vacuuming, dusting and cleaning bathrooms... Oh, and we watched Prison Break. Dude... how are they gonna stop the electricity? I mean... it seems like every angle has proven to be a bust! ??? Well... I guess we'll find out next week. (and ps. the scene with chicky and brother standing there all cry-ish and mope-y while big-bro was being led to the chair... was kinda silly... talk about looking all pathetic. :D STill... I'm enjoying that show... and I really want someone to kill that rat bastard ... the 'hold my pocket' guy)

~ blue ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ brown turtleneck. :)
~ to get over my headache... woke up with one... not fun.
~ start working the "two job" zone at work as my April to June role is starting to "ramp up" and my "ending with March" role is all about final reports. sigh.
~ I spoke too soon last week with respect to the big win on the long contract... so I'm in the middle of negotiations with the clients... more "sigh" (but I have high hopes).
~ Amazing Race tonight. :)
~ well... that I didn't have a head ache.
~ that all continues to be well with the superhero in mexico!!! innerly you are in my thoughts... and my hopes... and my prayers... and I don't pray lightly baby.
~ to thank my many lj friends for being so understanding and supportive. :D :D I love that about you guys. :D Yes... [ :: you :: ]!!!!
~ that ladymeg1 ... got exactly what she needed yesterday... :D
~ and that kittiara enjoys tormenting all the lesbians...

Birthday moment...
Little Miss pixytrick... I goofed and made my wishes for you [ :: yesterday :: ] but today is indeed... the birthday day. Happy Birthday sugar.

Real change... cannot happen without first truly understanding who you are in the first place.
Maybe this means you have to admit things to yourself... as in the old saying about "admitting it is half the battle".
But it can also speak to the notion of heritage... cultural identity and even social norms.
Anthropologists have long tried to tell us... we need to know where we come from before we can figure out where we're going.
Astrophysicists have also tried to explain that only through understanding the origins of the solar system can we appreciate it's future.

None of these people, however, tell us we are doomed to relive the failings of our past.
History need not repeat itself over and over until our ultimate destruction.

I believe that, even though our past is defined by the violent leaders that motivated upheaval, change and ultimately war...
As a planet... it is painfully narrow minded to think that this is the only choice for our future.
Some look back and see the violence and believe it describes our future.

I look back and I see the art, the incredible beauty of words, thoughts and deeds that form the foundation of our shared histories.
We need to better understand who we are... before we can embrace a chance for change.
But change... is essential and so very much desired.
Look around...
There is far too many clear examples of how we justify the concept of "fighting for peace" to not be sickened by the leaders that perpetrate that ideal.

Say it with me... Dumb Fucking Cunt.
I'm just say'en... denying the existence of a DFC does not make her go away.
Sadly... they show up in the most unlikely places... at work, rest and play.
I say a pox on the DFCs.
It's one thing to say "Away with them... Off with their heads... Let them eat cake..." etc.
But first you need to actually acknowledge that they exist and stop living in a wonderland of denial.
~ this strange moment has been brought to you by my anticipation of working conditions... and has nothing at all to do with my private world. :)
Note: Real change... cannot happen without first truly understanding who you are in the first place.

Sweet mercy in heaven...
It is with great joy and relief that I can safely say... we have arrived at consensus on the kitchen appliances.
Be excited for me... you cannot conceive of the depth to which personal relationship stress can be ramped up and similarly relieved by good decision making. :)
Note: Real change... cannot happen without first truly understanding who you are in the first place.

Nice theme today, eh! :D

Have a brilliant day. :)
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