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Well that was a wicked long day!

It started, stupidly! at 3:30 am.. that's when I went to bed... dumb dumb dumb. Then up at 8:00 with the boiz. At 8:30 my bud Kev calls and comes over with his 1 year old and all the kids play... good thing, cause we big kids were getting ready to go to the National Capital Region Parent & Kids Show.. .kind of a trade show for families... with lots of kiddie activities... Main attraction: TVO Kids Celebrities... (TVO is an Ontrio based public television station with the most fantastic childrens television programming on the planet...) Sooooooo the line up to meet Gisele and Mat was 2 FRICKING HOURS LONG - OMG!!! So I ran up them and took their picture and split. No way am I standing in that line.

They had this big inflated Castle that the kids bounced around in ... they really loved that part...

And the Police were doing an awareness campaign... so I thought... hmmmm "the boiz oughta get used to being in a cop car ... (:D)

So Z, the boiz and I had a blast ... Lots for the kids to do!

Then home for sandbox play... Dinner while Z went grocery shopping... I didn't cook any din for Z tonight... hmmmm wonder why? hahaha.. the we all went outside to play paddle ball until it started to get dark... Bedtime ritual is almost over and here I sit... tired as hell.

I'm leaving in 10 minutes to my mommy's house for... for... yup... a hair cut. My mom has cut my hair my whole life... except (grand total) for five hair cuts... it's always been the "free" cut. hehe... She was a hair dresser back in the daiz when hair dressers wore pink skirts and little paper hats! :D

So I'll be back later for a little cam time with a hair cut.. but we'll watch X-Files first (I hope)....

Later Lj.

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