Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, March 20

Holy crap man... I dunno what it is... well, ok that's not fair... I s'pose I do. See I wake up at 5:00 am with the t-shirt I wear to bed... literally soaking wet. Like I ran a marathon. I doff that and go back to sleep for the next glorious hour and a half. :) But what's with the soaking deal? Suz say's I'm going through "the change" now that I'm almost a senior and all... (*cough* bwaahahahaha) but I'm thinking the GIANT DOWN FILLED QUILT AND THE HEATING BLANKET play a roll. I've got to get rid of this stupid quilt. It's one of those "quilt in a bag" things... the "bag" is the decorative snazzy looking thing that matches the pillows that are never on the bed. So I figure the down thing has got to go and the "summer" quilt can come out of storage. When it actually gets warmer outside... we can 86 the heating blankee. :)

It's a sunny and beautiful day... er... well, ok not so much on the sunshine... but there's (gag) sunshine in my heart... (i'm in a good mood ... shoot me. :D) and it's not snowing or anything horrid... so I'll pretend it's all sunshiny out there... mmmk?

oh, and you cannot believe how painful the "appliance selections" are getting. I'm serious. We were both so put out... frustrated and generally speaking "not speaking to one another" after going to look at fridges again... and believe me... it's not like we disagree... it's just so damn frustrating to actually settle on something. We had the LG stainless steel, regular depth, three door (french door - double doors on-top and bottom-out freezer) as a lock. Then we ended up moving to Kitchenaid... then from that to DROPPING THE FRENCH DOOR thing altogether and going for the side-by-side. We have a deep freeze chest freezer for the basement ... but there is just no side by side that is not TOTALLY CRAP inside except the 8,000$ built in models and you gotta be some kind of rich Arabian oil baron to get one of those freaking things (which, btw, are so damned heavy to operate you can just forget about your kids using it). The drawers in all the side by sides just blow pigs... I mean ... hard core. Anyways... somewhere around 8:00 pm we went back to the french door thing but dropped the LG and it's fancy spancy water on the door thing (no ice-on-door because thats not possible in the bottom-out freezer). I think we're going with the Jennair french door / bottom-out freezer, pro-style, counter depth, with ice maker dealio. Now if we can just pick a dish washer without having complete mental breakdowns... we'll be good to go.

~ blue ftls
~ white tommy dress shirt
~ mickey tie (yes, the mouse... but you gotta look to see him...
~ dark suit... hey, it's monday... :)
~ I'm taking over the responsibilities of the current release manager for a couple of months, and putting "config manager" on hold until they "staff" the RM. So today is day one of setting down process with the existing RM. (Dude is handily the best thing about coming to work... I'm going to miss him ... a lot!)
~ still have process development reports for Configuration Management to deliver...
~ therefore.... very busy week and a very busy day...
~ that today brings a 92 bits of success to greyenigma :)
~ to take a moment to compliment westhill_mom... You look fab baby... !!!
~ that my friends in Aussi... are safe and sound ... (evil twister attack from the ocean!!)
~ to send you to [ :: porno alphabet :: ] (only "sorta" work safe... it's kinda artistic... and way cool!! (Thanks jethro)
~ and that baby time comes quick for mzbean and that all is, as expected, well and safe. :)

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday to a lovely young woman... sugar-trix... er... pixytrick! I know in my heart that the year ahead of you is one of rebirth... a time that you will forever look back on as the year you rediscovered just how wonderful you life is and how much fun it is to play. I sincerely hope you have a wonderful birthday ... and if I could share a coffee with you and make that wish in person... I'd dive at the chance. :)

Happy Anniversary (day late, I know) Ol'Georgie Poopie Head. It's sooooooo reassuring to hear you and - especially - the vice prez telling everyone how you are on the road to victory in Iraq. Later... maybe one of you can explain just what you figure "Victory" actually means in the very specific case of the American occupation of Iraq. Are we talking a 'bucks on every corner, no more brown people, and everything built with siding manufactured in Delaware? Or ... wait... maybe you mean a complete and total Western-Democracy... you know... like the one that you managed to override to get re-elected.

Another local child... this one was 8... died in an ATV roll-over this weekend. What kind of amazingly-stupid do you have to be to continue to let a child drive a motor vehicle as dangerous as an ATV? The parents of this child are - as expected - devastated. He died wearing a helmet, driving the three minute drive "out back" from their house to where dad was chopping wood. Bottom line... the parents knew ... they let him... they LET HIM drive this thing. I feel sorry for them... but only for their loss. I'm kinda pissed at them for being so pathetically stupid.

My parents will be home in a week from their month holiday in Florida... (remember the "best deal on a rental car" thing?) ... I miss them. I'm looking forward to their safe return. :)
I look at my mother in law, brother, sister, sisters and brothers "in law" and assortment of nieces and nephews and ... I just cannot imagine how people can suffer poor relationships there. I love these people... we all have our moments... and behaviors that are less than perfect... but we're family.
When everything else is stripped away... money, success, power, health, possessions, confidence, control, ... everything... you are left with the foundations of your world... this is where family lives. You can get mad a family members... but do yourself a favour and find a way to get to the other side of that anger. Because you live with yourself... and no matter what you lose or gain in life... you can die with family... as long as you haven't pushed them all away. No matter what the Long Joseph's* have done... you can forgive. You can always forgive.

* extra points for getting that reference. :)

Ok, gotta git... see ya and have a great monday!
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