Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Last night...
I read a handwritten letter that my brother-in-laws grand father wrote to his father.
He wrote it in 1918... on November 11.
He was standing on the grounds of Buckingham Palace...
He was a military man... and, well... "we" had just claimed victory.

The world had faced a terrible threat to peace...
A war that erupted after Ferdinande was shot.
A war that erased a generation of men from Canada and Britain.
A war that introduced "poison gas" as a means to an end.

The letter went on for a page about how the streets... every square inch of "street" was crammed with humanity...
laughing and crying in joy.
The king, the queen and the princess all came out in a carriage with two solitary horsemen to clear the path.
They were that safe... (that they only needed two horsemen).

November 11th has never been the same.

What joy... what celebration will rival this?
Given the state of affairs on the global stage
I fear it will be the day that the west is cast away from the middle east.

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