Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

bit torrent... yeah.... so I'm getting that yellow just sorta means I suck but only a bit.
Otherwise... it's working.
I have Epi 11 burning to DVD and epi 12 is still coming.
Oh how I dig the BSG.

and on the Battlestar front...

I really don't get why Commander Adama deffered to the Admiral so quickly. She's no admiral... she "was" an admiral in the colonial (or whatever) fleet... but now that the colonies are a smoking hole... one would think smart guys like Adama and El President'ay would step up saying... "Well admiral... it's a new deal now. Lets sit down and talk about how we're going to go foreward..." versus rolling over like a bunch of pussies. I'm banking on this being the theme that they go forward with. I don't like the Admiral ... and I want to see her suffer. :)

and yes... I know... sci fi geek convention time.
beats the heck out of getting excited about owning a football with some overpaid jokers signature on it.
... and no beer gut!

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