Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, March 19

We watched Zathura on Friday night... "Dinner and a movie" was a pizza on a big blanket in the family room with a really fun movie cooking away in the foreground. I recommend the flick. :)

Last night was all about family ties... We went to my SIL's house to celebrate two niece's and one nephew's birthday... They are all getting so big. One niece turns 18 in a few days... I remember visiting her in the hospital the day after she was born. It is simply remarkable.

Now ... this morning... I watched BSG taped from last night. I know I know... I continually get knocked from you guys about "??? Just download it" ... and I have felt very much that I was doing myself a favour by stretching it out... BUT DUDE... today was the cliff hanger with the Battlestar Pegasus and that bitch admiral... and I am diving into torrent hell because this is just way too much stress to wait. :D :D

~ blue stripee ftls
~ blue jeans
~ gray b.u.m. shirt and a warm blue ... thing with a zipper. :)
~ get up... make muffins, clean up a bit... then watch BSG.
~ write my post...
~ feed kids lunch
~ wave to kids as they go to the neighbors for the afternoon
~ go look at side by side fridges. (We've officially gone mental and are second guessing the french door fridge thing)
~ we'll see what the evening brings. :)
~ which reminds me... I haven't even looked at the paper yet!
~ to point out that today, is all about the birthday wishes... :)

Birthday moments abound!!!
A couple of day olds! :D from Saturday...March 18th was your birthday! :D
Happy slightly late birthday out to my very charming little'murf! (notcharming). May your birthday begin a year that will be filled with new and wonderful opportunity for you sugar. I hope you enjoyed yourself last night...
Happy just one day late birthday to tj642 and the menagerie... May the year keep you and all the wee creatures you care for ... happy, healthy and loved.
And today! March 19th is your birthday! :D
Happy Birthday to the Notorious Kym!! (nbbmom). You're a busy girl... so I hope this wish finds it's way to your heart ... I hope that the next year keeps you and little nbb in fine health and that you continue to find success and the strength to turn that success into a world of happiness for your little boy. And while you're at it... I hope you get to wrap yourself in a bunch of that happiness too.
Happy Birthday pixie_pistol... There are no adequate words to capture the depth of hope that so many friends hold for you to find your way from the darkness to the light... and my birthday wish for you... is that the year ahead brings you the strength to find that light... to hold it and cherish what you have... and comfort you for that which you have lost.
Happy Birthday spurbaby!!! It's a long way from a long time ago... and here you still are... :D Have a wonderful birthday Sugar-spurs... and let the year carry you and the people you share your heart with ... to wonderful memories.
Happy Birthday rougescheveux!!! May you find every success in the challenges you set before yourself... and I hope you have a wonderful year sugar-rouge.
Little Kara... (kutie_kara)... happy birthday sugar. I hope you had twenty kinds of fun in celebrating this birthday... and that the year ahead teaches you about the challenges and solutions that a diverse world must embrace.

~ :D

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