Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ we are having a t-storm (just like ladyfire!!). :) First big rumble just happened. Tres freaky for March 13.
~ Grays Anatomy from last night... totally schmooped me out. I was, as is usually the case when I get attacked by schmoopiness, in tears.
~ I'm soooo about to go visit a long absent admiral... man oh man... :)
~ my sister is pretty cool. I should post some stuff about her and some pictures. You'd love her. (makes note to self to write stuff 'bout her)
~ we had another showing today at 5:30. Suz found out from our agent at ... 4:30. Personally... I think our agent is either remarkably unfortunate or is kinda stupid. However you slice it... I'm not impressed and she's finding this out when we have our "strategy session" next week. (and by strategy session, I mean... she'll come out and tell us we need to lower our price. I'll be saying a lot at that meeting...
~ Edward just saw a big "fork of lightening". He's very excited. :)

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