Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, March 12

Ring ring...
ring ring...
ring ring.... beep ... you've reached blah blah blah... leave a message.
"this is royal lepage team realty... we'd like to book a showing tonday from 5 - 6.

I stumple out of bed... phone them back... and get "Oh, we just talked to your agent and she said the booking agent just backed out of the showing... she had the price wrong.". I'm trying not to think the worst of people but... man that sure feels like a manipulation!


It's ... pouring outside... just pouring. hahaha... the snow is not impressed. :)

~ blue ftls
~ sox
~ gap shirt. :)
~ busy day! ...
~ need to go back to the builder to revisit a few counter top selections
~ shop for my nephews birthday party tonight at my bro's house...
~ clean... we always have to clean! :)
~ that my friend... notcharming... gets what she needs!! :)
~ and that odyssey_road remembers that life is hard enough without asking for trouble. :)

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday princesswitch... may you find yourself surrounded by those that do indeed hope for your happiness. :) Have a lovely day and I hope the year ahead keeps you in good health and ... I wont say a word about Tony Stewart's sweat. :)

We started watching [ :: Weeds :: ] last night... Dude... that is some funny fricking show!!!
And it doesn't hurt that [ :: Parker :: ] is on my "list of five"... (no seiously... for a long time and it will never change! :D)

We took the boys, a dvd and some fries from Wendys', to the house yesterday... looked at the pad then spent an two hours with the builders doing the first cut at the "electrical"... picking lights, switch locations, pot light layout... The best part was meeting my best bud and his family there and getting some advice from him. It helps - a lot - to know someone who has great confidence with this building stuff. :)

The view out our bedroom window...

Dude... my front yard is a mess!!

they've framed most of the upstairs now...

Next Stop? The ROOF! :)

ps. There's a couple of new videos on the [ :: Casa de corto web page :: ]. Include's the second floor walk about. :)
pps:!!! I promise to a) make the videos smaller... I'll keep 'em all under four megs!! (really) and b) I'll have the big ass gallery of pictures up soon! :)

k... time to shower... and be all dad like. :)
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