Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, March 10

Oyi... long night.
I had to snap another imitrix ... for what I call the "rebound" migraine...
And then... in the middle of the night... hard core (HARD CORE) stomach flu hits zebra. I was doing the "hold your hair" thing a few times... and now... we're at my moms (empty cold house - they're away in FLA) while out house is being shown. I hope to be able to go to work this afternoon for a while, after getting z back in her own bed.

Oh, we watched a show on Show Case called "Starved". Geezus. I laughed, but I think I'll go back on the PVR and watch Weed instead, thanks. (I have the entire series of Weed on the pvr. :D)

~ now? after going through three different shirts? (because I'm ... nutz?)
~ blue ftls
~ newish p-z jeans [ :: and I still love them :: ]
~ gray t and a maroon dress shirt.
~ up ... get kids sorted and to the bus
~ ... clean every "last minute" thing in the house
~ get my poo z over to my folks house
~ to take care of z as long as she needs me... then off to work
~ work work work
~ write about survivor tonight...
~ watch some tube with z if she's feeling up to it...
~ I could read pixiecup's mind. :)
~ to send a few smiles out to whatilove on her tripple yeah day!
~ that all is well in the land of ladytess...
~ and that teaser is enjoying the new wheels!! :D

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday Lisa (moxafoot) ... and I hope you absense only means you're out there enjoying life. :) Be well sugar.

Talk about low-hanging fruit for the Bush Basher in me. :D
How in the heck could you NOT have inspired your nation to adopt a xenophobic attitude to all things "middle eastern" you great galloping moron!!
The deal - the really good and very not-threatening deal - to sell port-service management to some dubai company... gets squashed by the simple minds ... er... congress. Holy Egg On Your Face Georgie Poopie Head. That's one MpDiaBwd* that wont be inviting you to come to brunch any time soon.

Ps. you think this port deal was scary huh? Do you know a guy named "Prince Alwaleed ibn Talal"? Here [ :: go read about him :: ]. You have no idea how much of the land, business, communications systems, infrastructure, technology, etc. is TODAY partially owned (let alone OWNED OUTRIGHT) by dudes in big white dresses that live in the middle east.

Baseball ... the America Passtime.
~ ouch!

ug... I've been bandaid boy for two days now and I've stocked up enough to keep it up for at least two more weeks. What is the white boy talking about? Thumbs... bandaids on both thumbs... day and night. I have to, to keep myself from ... pick pick picking at them. FAAAACK it drives me crazy but it's so subconcious I only notice when I've completed some evil bit of picking. ... That show... Starved... the eating dissorder stereotypes they were showing... that's the kind of mania I'm dealing with here on my thumbs. I want to stop... I get them beautiful... and then I get stressed out and bingo!!! pick pick pick.
(I know... TMI. But i do this to force myself to face certain things)

Ok... time to jet. Have a great day ... a great FRIDAY~!!! :D

* Mega Power Dude In A Big White Dress

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